Stubfræser med fører

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Skip the lengthy decomposition process. Let Billigmachineleje carry out the stump milling and go directly to sowing grass or planting flowers.

Billigmaskinleje.dk makes it easy and affordable to have stumps removed from your garden. With our compact professional stump grinder, which measures only 89 cm in width, we can reach and carry out stump milling almost anywhere.

We take responsibility for your garden by laying running boards as needed and milling the stump while taking the surroundings into account. We leave everything in the most beautiful stubble-free order. If you wish, we can also help with general. gardening such as sowing grass, laying out rolling grass and planting flowers, shrubs and trees.

We always carry out blunt milling with a driver to ensure the highest safety and quality. Rent our stubble cutter with driver at a good price and get control of your garden projects today.

Prices incl. VAT per stump by diameter:

  • 0-100mm: DKK 100.
  • 100-200mm: DKK 200.
  • 200-300mm: DKK 300.
  • 300-400mm: DKK 400.
  • 400-500mm: DKK 500.
  • 500-600mm: DKK 600.
  • 600-700mm: DKK 700.
  • 700-800mm: DKK 800.
  • 800-900mm: DKK 900.
  • 900-1000mm: DKK 1,000.

Call us on tel. 42523616 or send an email with photos and a description to billigmaskinleje@gmail.com for a non-binding conversation and a sharp offer for your task.

In doubt? Read more about our rental of blunt grinders .